Comprehensive Property Management Services in Knoxville

Are you tired of marketing your rental and handling tenant maintenance requests? At Garren Realty, we know how much time it takes to manage rental property, so we offer Knoxville property management services designed to take the day-to-day management tasks off your plate while also helping you plan ahead for the future. Our goal is to maximize your rental income and minimize the amount of vacancy time. 

Our Property Management Services

Property Marketing
We make sure your rental looks its best online by using professional photography to market your property and cross-listing it on multiple digital platforms.

Tenant Screening
We want you to feel confident knowing your home is in good hands, so we perform background checks and verify consistent income to identify great tenants.

Lease Management
We keep a check on when leases are nearing their end and start planning ahead for what comes next. If the tenant does not plan to renew, we start planning a marketing strategy to find a new tenant.

Rent Collection
We offer tenants convenient payment options to make rent collection easy. We make sure you get paid in full and on-time.

Maintenance Services
We know which maintenance services are included in your rental agreement and handle any requests that are your responsibility. Tenants can request maintenance services online which makes the service simple and easy.

Interested in Our Property Management Services?

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